The distinctive “cock-a-doodle-doo” of the proud and colorful Cockerel by Wendt & Kühn marks the beginning of a new day. Olly Wendt, nee Sommer, took on the early riser in her late creative phase and presented the rooster for the first time at a trade fair in 1963. Its design was one of the later works of Olly Wendt which has lain undisturbed among our grand design legacy for the past six decades. In the past, however, the extraordinary figurine never made a permanent appearance in our assortment. Since October, it has finally been available. Layer upon layer of paint, applied by the painters with a fine brush, and tiny paper feathers give him his magnificently shimmering red dress. It has been refined, tested and started once again from scratch, over and over, until they finally succeeded in producing this colorful cockerel. Piece-by-piece. With his head thrown back and beak open to utter his daily wake-up call, he appears to be calling out his distinctive cock-a-doodle-doo.

In order to come as close to the original as possible, 22 different colors have been mixed and applied with skilled craftsmanship to reveal the true splendor of this multifaceted animal figurine that stands an impressive 12 centimeters tall. What is particularly clever is the way in which the plumage is made to look as light as a feather by using a special technique where the most experienced painters at the manufactory apply translucent paint, coat by coat until the feathers shimmer in a multitude of colors. To bring even more substance to his impressive plumage, tiny paper feathers have been glued to his wooden body. A bright red cockscomb and long tail feathers made from very fine wood add further design details. He is an exceptional design masterpiece.

A figurine as powerful and alive as we want to start the day in the morning.

A true masterpiece from the Wendt & Kühn workshop.

The Cockerel by Wendt & Kühn figurine is approx. 4.75” H.

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Category: Large Figurines
Release Year: Released in 2021
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