Angel Wearing Crown with Drum by Wendt & Kühn, with pastel-colored robes, blue fluted wings and the golden crown that gives them their name our Angel is a handmade and hand painted wooden figurine, imported from Germany and presented in a Wendt & Kühn gift box.

Since the reintroduction of this graceful yet childlike and joyful group of figurines, the six small and two large Angels wearing crowns enchant us year after year. The smaller Angels are now getting an additional companion in the form of an Angel with Drum. Just like its siblings, this Angel was designed by Olly Wendt before 1937. Whether it is displayed on its own, together with its larger companions or placed with its other small friends to emphasize the interesting variation in size – this new Angel Wearing Crown with Drum will bring joy to all.

The Angel Wearing Crown with Drum by Wendt & Kühn is approx. 2.25” H.

Other figurines that are part of this “Family” include Angel Wearing Crown with Candelabra, Angel Wearing Crown with Small Trumpet, Angel Wearing Crown with Basket, Angel Wearing Crown with Star and Parcel, Angel Wearing Crown with Lute, Angel Wearing Crown with with Two Candles, and Angel Wearing Crown with Book


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Category: Christmas Items
Release Year: Released in 2024
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