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Music Boxes and Wall Clocks by Wendt & Kühn

Wendt & Kühn Music Boxes and Wall Clocks Collection from Jordanwood

Upbeat and moving, the Music boxes from Wendt & Kühn captivate us with a hint of nostalgia.  Wendt & Kühn uses high quality Swiss musical movements to provide the heart of their precious Music boxes.  With their sweet melodies they transport us to a magical world of sounds and, for a short time at least, seem to make time stop still.  So it is good that during the time the Wendt & Kühn Wall clocks keep on ticking reliably.
laborately embellished, imaginatively painted and equipped with quality Swiss music works: Wendt & Kühn Music Boxes.  Traditional Christmas carols, springtime melodies or lilting waltzes paired with joyous figurines stir memories, lull to sleep or allow for a soothing pause in the middle of a hectic day.  These Music Boxes bring artistic and technical craftsmanship together into one perfect harmony.

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