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Grünhainichen Angels® by Wendt & Kühn

Wendt & Kühn Collection from Jordanwood

With their shape, their expression and their charm, the Grünhainichen Angels® by Wendt & Kühn are a source of fascination to people all over the world.  They have carried eleven dots on their wings ever since Grete Wendt designed them in 1923.  But why eleven?  The founder of the company always responded to this question with a smile: “They just turned out like that.”  Incidentally a book produced by the Wendt & Kühn workshop answers this very question in an artistic way.  Today our timeless Angel Musicians have become design classics that even in the 21st century have lost none of their significance and creative strength.  The Eleven Dot Angels enchant us not only with their musicality – as bearers of good luck, messengers of love and a baker of cakes they also conquer the hearts of young and old alike.

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