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Wendt & Kühn Collection from Jordanwood

“It’s always a pleasure ordering from you. Love your products and your dependable service! It’s difficult to find authentic German products in the US and you are a go to. Thank you !” – A.L.S., NC

“Hello! I just received my item! She’s so cute and beautiful and my mum loved it for her birthday. Thank you so much for all the updates and help along the way :)” – J.M., ASTL

“Lovely little figurine, and the service was wonderful! I’m very happy with my purchase. It will make the perfect gift.” – P.H., IN

“I have been looking for this set (Dutch Children) for a long time and was so pleased that Wendt Kuhn by Jordanwood had these.  They are absolutely precious and John, as always, made sure to send them safely and promptly.  You can ALWAYS count on him to provide excellent customer service.  The best!! Thank you!” – S.Z., WA

“I collect Wendt & Kühn Christmas tree ornaments, pyramids and other Christmas and Easter decorations.  I lived as a child In Wiesbaden, Germany, where my mother started collecting Wendt and Kühn Christmas and Easter decorations.  I now collect them for myself and my daughter.  I also collect vintage cotton and linen German embroidered holiday cloths. Your prices for the carved wooden ornaments are the best I have found outside of Germany.  I recently traveled to Dresden, where I bought some Wendt & Kühn ornaments.  Yours are more expensive, understandably since you have to import them, but your mark up is reasonable.  I expect to buy more ornaments from you in future. My parcel was very carefully packed, arrived promptly safe and sound.  Thank you so much!” – D.S., PA

“I found the Jordanwood web site when I was looking for an 11 Dot Angel with Alpen Horn. The web site showed them in their catalog, but they were out of them. I went through the “Contact Us” option asking to be notified when they were back in stock. John quickly responded the next day telling me that he would contact me when they got them back in stock. John followed through on his promise and contacted me as soon as he got more of them. I ordered the angels and John sent them out to me the very next day. They arrived a few days later in good condition. I am glad to have found a source for the Wendt & Kuhn collectibles in the US. I used to get them in Germany when I was working there, but I am retired now.
” – M.H., TX

“5 Stars ★★★★★ for your wonderful service!  Everything that I have ordered has been sent promptly and very carefully packaged. Even back-ordered items are sent in a timely manner. I just started collecting Wendt & Kuhn, and even though I could order from other sources, why would I?” – C.H., WA

“Hello, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to find your website. My mother was a WWII German war bride. She married my dad when the war ended and they (with my sister, and later me) continued to be stationed in Europe and the US. She had a beautiful collection of the same hand-carved angels and other Christmas decor, including the Round the World music box. I believe she somehow got pieces from her parents, who were trapped in East Germany, and later bought more herself when we lived in Germany. Everything was exquisite and very treasured. As a child, it was magical to me when we could finally display and admire the German Christmas decorations, especially the music box playing Silent Night.
My parents and I wound up living in Ventura, CA after my dad’s long military career. In December 2017, one of California’s infamous wildfires, the Thomas Fire, raged through Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. My mother, then widowed, lost her house and every thing in it. She only had the clothes she wore when she evacuated with a neighbor, then she came to my house. We didn’t know the extent of the damage until later the next day. She was in the other room when I got a phone call that her house, and pretty much half her neighborhood, was gone. At that very moment, she came in and said she wanted to bring the German angel collection to my house as soon as she could get back home. I had to tell her that she no longer had a home. She was 93 at the time. It was beyond heartbreaking. Of the many things she lost, the German angels were a particularly brutal blow. I never thought I’d see a Round the World music box again (not even in photos, since they also burned), but there it was, on your site. I’m sorry to say that my mother is no longer alive, but I will continue to add to my collection in her memory.
It arrived in perfect condition and was very well packed. Thank you so much.” – J.K., CA

“I received today my package from Wendt & Kuhn and I am truly enthusiastic about the quality and charm of these figurines! The craftsmanship is exquisite, the details are fabulous (even on the tiniest miniature) and they are all eminently collectible. I will definitely continue adding to my growing collection and I will buy from this particular seller, since the items arrived superbly packaged and extremely speedy!” – M.V., NY

“Packing was great.  Every pieces was well protected!   Will order again.  Couldn’t be happier!   Love this special product.” – M.F., CT

“I was so thrilled to find your website.   I have always loved Wendt and Kühn figures.   I have given them to my daughter and son for years and now my great nieces. They are a beautiful keepsake.” – A.F., MD

“Just wanted you to know that I received my replacement for the two angels holding a Christmas tree and it is perfect!! Again, your customer service is outstanding and very hard to come by these days. I so appreciate it! I received my order so quickly, as always. Thank you. ….. I so enjoy these figures. My mom was native German and my dad was in the military. I was born in Nurnberg and lived there til I was two. Then we all came to the States. These items are beautiful and they remind me of where I came from. They make me smile every time I look at them in my little showcase. Thanks for offering these.” – J.K., WA

“Your products are great, beautiful, funny, nice, tender, my family and I, are very happy with this collection, your service is very effective and efficient, your attention is personalized and friendly, we recommend it because we are very satisfied with your service and your product, thanks for all.” – R.C., MX

“Love, love, love Jordanwood. They have all the  items I wanted.   I give them 5 stars ★★★★★. The  products  they are adorable..I also love the  shipping….. Items came quickly. I will be buying all my Wendt and Kühn from them… I have quite a display  and it will get bigger thanks to Jordanwood.” – C.P., NY

“Five Stars ★★★★★!  Everything just as it should be and arrived immediately!  I began collecting Grünhainichen Angels in 1972 when my mother gave me my first one, the seated angel playing a small horn.  Now I collect many of the W & K pieces for various holidays and I love them all!” – B.E.S., VT

“Excellent customer service, quick reply to my question. The products are beautiful, arrived quickly, and were very well packed. Thank you very much.” – V.O., NJ
“I am buying the Wendt and Kühn collection as a keepsake for my granddaughter.  I will give it to her when she marries.  I just love them and am enjoying buying and setting them out at Christmas until she is old enough to inherit.” – T.T., SC
“I received the 2 angels today. They were perfect, just what I expected. They arrived quickly. I ordered on Sunday and they shipped out on Monday. It is always a pleasure working with this company. I will order more! Thank you!” – A.S., NC
“Service is stellar! Beautiful products, quick response to any questions, and fast and secure shipping, too! Excellent old time customer service showing they appreciate your business!” – D.M., NJ
“This is the only distributor for Wendt & Kühn I will use… John and his team are exceptional – they are very prompt in responding to any questions – product always arrives safely … I have ordered many times from them and will continue to do so.  Wonderful! Thanks!” – J.C., ME
“I have an incredible collection of the Wendt Kuhn pieces dating from the early years from my Grandparents in Stuttgart. When I was 2, my father. mother, sister and I immigrated to the Unites States. We could only take a few items, which included several of the angels. I added a new piece as a souvenir in 1968 when we visited  Germany and more after my children were born and I found a store in Illinois that carried them. I now have an extensive collection and so happy to add my “S” and little angel with the flowers. It is a wonderful tradition to display the band at Christmas!
My pieces arrived safely and were carefully wrapped. The new postal carrier left part of the box exposed to the rain, but because everything was so well packaged, no harm was done.” – S.G, TX
“5 Stars: Perfection. The figure arrived without any flaws, as expected, and also well packed, just a couple days after my order was placed. The price was the best I could find online, and communication from Jordanwood was timely and complete. All this together made for a perfect experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to make another purchase knowing there would be no hassle or surprises.” – T.B., CA
“John, everything arrived and each price is perfect!   I especially love the music box.    Thank you and I’ll be a return customer.” also “The little angel arrived and is perfect.  My mom will love her:)” – A.F., MD
“I really do appreciate the selection you carry and the care and speed with which you fill orders.  You are simply the best!  Thank you.” – C.C., VA
“I had been looking for two special figurines and found them here for excellent pricing and very fast shipping.  The items arrived safely and intact and are absolutely beautiful!  I can always rely on Jordanwood for excellent service and products!  Thank you!” – S.Z., WA
“I meant to do this review sooner, but I just forgot.  I received my shipment SO fast that I was amazed!  When I placed my order, I left out some important information on my mailing address and John sent me an e mail right away to solve the problem!  While on the phone, I wanted to add another item to my order and John told me what to do.  I hoped it would eliminate the $8 shipping charge, but it didn’t.  Anyway, I am so pleased with my angels and will continue to collect them.  I have been buying them since I lived back east and actually paid $3 for my first angels (I have been buying them for over forty years).  Please continue to offer such a great selection.” – S.J., AZ
“I received the 4 miniature angels for my German Organ Music Box in today’s mail (April 5, 2021). I opened them immediately and was delighted not only with the 4 angels (which were perfect!) but with the EXCELLENT packaging. Thank you so much for obtaining them for me and for sending along the little brochures showing other items. I know I will certainly find some other “goodies” that I can’t live without as soon as I get the brochures back from my husband who took them immediately to look at!!! Thank you, again, for your wonderful and prompt service.” – P.P., VA
“I ordered a few Wendt & Kuhn items for my daughter who started collecting them after a trip to Germany! She is obsessed with them! I am so happy to say I have placed a few orders with Jordanwood and have been extremely pleased. The service is old time! And by that I mean they care and appreciate my business. They let you know when they received your order, and shipped it. They are fast to respond to any questions. Overall EXCELLENT customer service and product. Glad I found them! They will be my go to place for ordering these little wooden figures for gifts for my daughter. Good to know there are businesses that still treat you like you matter!!!! Keep up the great customer service!” – D.M., NJ
“I can appreciate how difficult this environment is for a retailer however, Jordanwood has done a superb job – they continues to deliver satisfaction with there service and products – I will continue to use this shop. Always exceptional shipping and packaging …” – J.C., ME
“In Munich last New Years Eve (2019) and I saw the Grunhainichen Angel collection and didn’t purchase some at the time which I had regretted. However, in seeing this website the prices being very reasonable, shipping was quick (that fact over $50 is free doesn’t hurt) and John responding to all my question promptly made it a pleasurable experience. I will continue to build my orchestra from this site.” – M.M., NY
“The ornament I ordered was perfect.  It was a Wendt and Kuhn orchestra angel. The service was great and it arrived in perfect condition.” – V.N., TN
“Thank you!  Your website made it very easy to fulfill my yearly collector additions to friends in NJ., Vielen Dank” – M.S., NJ

“Happy new year’s! My wife loved the angels.  We have a collection that I add to every Christmas.  I think we have around 30 each.  Two large ones, most are the small.  We have a nativity too! Thanks again!” – A.C., NC

“Thank you. Just received my products and they are lovely. Everything was intact and just like the picture. Thanks again.” – C.D., OR

“I’ve been collecting the Marguerite Angels for many years. Often from other retailers, or directly from shops in Germany. This is my first time from you and I am quite pleased. The shipping was quick, and I appreciate everything already being in the gift box.” – T.A., NY

“I was amazed by the great prices, and the very quick delivery.  Product is top quality.  Thank you!” –  G.B., CA

“This is a 5-star ★★★★★ review richly earned.  I placed an on-line order for 3 Wendt & Kuhn figures on Wed. and received them on Fri.  Each in PERFECT condition and I could not be any happier.  Terrific email communication from the moment I placed the order. Support small business.  Add to your Wendt & Kuhn collection and use this seller with 100% confidence.” – C.C., VA

“Five Stars ★★★★★! First time ordering from Jordanwood. Shipping was incredibly fast. I also talked to John by phone and email about getting one of the W&K personalized items and he couldn’t have been more helpful!” – R.L., NC

“Five Gold Stars ★★★★★ I was so pleased with my recent purchase. First saw the adorable Wendt & Kühn Marguerite collection in Germany at a Christmas Market in 2019. My collection needed to expand, just a little…so I researched and found my perfect angels. I was like a child on Christmas morning when my box arrived after only 3 days! The newest five joined my existing in a display box made from an antique dresser drawer created especially for them. It makes me smile each time I look at my special angels. Thank you for delivering a bit of Weihnachtsfreude.” – L.G., TX

“Hi John, today I received baby Jesus and the three flying angels. Thank you so very much. You have been very helpful in my quest to obtain the items.  I also was surprised how quick the items arrived. Thanks again for all your help. Cheers!” – U.B., FL

“Hi there! I received my second order today and I just LOVE them all!! Thanks so much for your detail to making a customer happy. I own a small business myself handstitching ornaments and I know my customers appreciate recognition and promptness. You have done both with both of my orders and if I had somewhere to mark a gold star for you I would. Keep up the great work!” – J.K., WA

“Thanks for the great service and quick delivery. The purchased item made it without being crushed despite efforts by the postal service.” – P.L., MO

“Thank you so much for the special care in packaging and sending the two Wendt and Kuhn figures to me.  My husband and I were planning a trip Germany and we had to cancel.  So these little figures to add to my collection have brought a smile to my face.” – A.P., CA

“Amazing fast service and genuine Wendt & Kühn products.  Very nicely packaged.  It’s a delight to do business with Jordanwood.” – B.R., AZ

“Thank you so much for everything. The last angel just arrived safely! In the future I will buy all my Wendt & Kühn things from you as you have excellent prices, fast service, and exceptionally good packaging.” – K.A., NY

“The girl with the Christmas rose arrived this morning intact and perfect!  She is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you for such careful packaging and swift delivery!!!” – S.Z., WA

“Beautiful figure. Nice addition to my collection.” – C.T., CO

“My recent order arrived yesterday.  Both pieces in perfect condition and I greatly appreciate the care that was taken with the packing.  I have a small group of musicians, the core of which represents my family and the instruments we played.  My Mother is considered the conductor and I now have the podium and music stand for her.!  Will be ordering additional musicians and will definitely use Jordanwood.  Thank you!” – C.G., VA

“I had been looking for this figurine to replace the one I had which was over 30 years old and a little worn.  I have collected Wendt and Kuhn for about 35 years.  I was surprised to find it and very pleased with the pricing and service.  I received it within two days (and it came across the country during our pandemic) and it arrived perfect and intact.  Thank you!!! I will certainly be buying more pieces from you in the future!!!” – S.Z., WA

“My husband and I were stationed in Vienna Austria while he was working at the United Nations and returned home to the States in 2002. While we were overseas our favorite place was to go to Seiffen Germany and visit the WENDT & KUHN shop and look at all the many hundreds of beautiful handmade items. I loved looking at all the displays about how each item was developed and made step by step and seeing the old suitcases with little wooden people strapped inside on shelves so that a traveling salesman could show his wares. If I had been wealthy I would have purchased one of each but alas I am not! It is so fun to go to this site and look at the beautiful wooden figures and appreciate what it took to make each one. I can only give into my addiction once in a very long while but these two little star people are sitting on my dresser and smiling at me everyday of course one is saved for a birthday gift coming up soon but I will enjoy it while I have it. Thank you Jordanwood for your prompt and efficient service and allowing me to feed my longing for little happy people once in a while“- L.B., UT

“I had a great experience dealing with Wendt & Kuhn from Jordanwood. I inquired about a piece that was out of stock. Immediate response and contacted as soon as she was back in stock. Super friendly and accommodating.  They had the best price I could find. Thank you so much!” – K.B., NY

“I am extremely pleased with my purchase – from the ordering to the delivery every aspect of this transaction was 5 stars ★★★★★!!!!  I will definitely be ordering from Jordanwood again….   Thank you so much – it’s been a pleasure….” – J.C., ME

“Thank you for sending Girl with the Cherry Blossom and Small Star Child to me so quickly and carefully!  They’re beautiful!!!” – S.Z., WA

“Oh my goodness! She is even more fantabulous than I could have imagined! Just look at her with her two smaller friends. It makes the perfect grouping and I love them so much! It takes me back to visiting the Wendt & Kühn Beautiful Store in Seiffen Germany!! I am so grateful you had her in your store. My husband asked if I wanted her for Christmas and I jumped on the opportunity and here she is but I will put her away until Christmas even though it will be very hard to wait for her to be open again. Thank you so much for your wonderful collections that I can choose from. The two smaller ones were given to me by my daughter and I am so grateful to her and I love her and love these little cuties! Thanks again!” – L.B., UT

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