The Journey of a Wendt & Kühn Figurine: From Timber to Treasure

At the heart of Wendt & Kühn lies an intricate process that transforms raw timber into captivating figurines, each embodying the spirit of German craftsmanship. It’s a process that has been refined over decades, preserving the sanctity of traditional German craftsmanship while embracing innovations of the modern age. The result? Timeless figurines that hold a special place in the hearts of countless collectors worldwide. Let’s embark on the journey of a figurine, step by step.

stacks of wood beams

Step 1: Choosing the Perfect Timber

Every masterpiece begins with the selection of the perfect piece of wood. At Wendt & Kühn, the quest for the right timber is paramount. The wooden planks selected are meticulously examined for quality, ensuring a flawless base to craft from.

Step 2: Seasoning the Timber

The chosen planks are not immediately used. Instead, they undergo a crucial seasoning process, left out to dry. This drying phase can take up to two years, ensuring the wood is free from moisture, which can later cause defects or distortions in the figurine.

stacks of wood in various shapes
angel figurine sitting on workbench with carving tools

Step 3: Shaping and Carving

Once seasoned, the wooden planks are transformed into initial contours and shapes. Master woodturners gracefully handle various iron tools, coaxing out the silhouette of what will soon become a cherished figurine. The rotationally symmetric components are then further refined, cut, milled, and polished.

Step 4: Assembling the Components

It’s in this stage that various wooden parts come together to form recognizable figures. For instance, the Grünhainichen Angels® slowly emerge as body, instrument, and wings are carefully glued together. The assemblage process is delicate, ensuring the final figure remains seamless and intact.

unpainted wood figurines on workbench
angel figurine with white primer

Step 5: Priming for Paint

Before they can be graced with colors, each figurine is coated with a white primer. This base coat ensures an even, light-colored undercoat that accentuates the warmth and radiance of the paint applied afterward. The priming process involves dipping the figurine into a primer bath and using a twirling mechanism to eliminate excess primer. Once primed, the figurines are set aside to harden, preparing them for their burst of color.

Step 6: Painting with Precision

Possibly the most enchanting step, the painting breathes life into the wooden figure. Experienced artisans painstakingly apply delicate brush strokes, bringing out the exquisite details of each figurine. These colors and embellishments have been dictated by original designs that date back decades, ensuring that the essence of Wendt & Kühn is retained in every piece.

figurine of woman held by craftsman with fine tipped brush
Decal being applied to base of finished figurine

Step 7: Finishing Touches

As the figurine nears its final form, skilled artisans take over to refine every detail. The finishing touches include marking each bottom with the initials “W. u. K.” to authenticate its origin. This final step ensures that the figurine not only looks impeccable but also stands as a testament to the legacy of Wendt & Kühn.

Discover the world of Wendt & Kühn and immerse yourself in a legacy that spans over a century. From a simple wooden plank to a magnificent figurine, the journey of a Wendt & Kühn masterpiece is a symphony of artistry, precision, and heritage. Each figurine has a story, a soul, and a journey – one that reflects the passion and dedication of the artisans who breathe life into them.