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Christmas Tree Decorations by Wendt & Kühn

Wendt & Kühn Christmas Tree Decorations Collection from Jordanwood

Christmas – a time of flickering candles, baking cookies and playing music. But also a time of fanciful decorating.  A Christmas tree decorated exclusively with Wendt & Kühn Christmas Tree Angels is something most collectors dream of.  But you can get a lot of pleasure out of starting small.  Let the variety of Wendt & Kühn tree ornaments inspire you: These tiny heavenly messengers are suspended in golden rings and on crescent moons, they ride stars and comet tails. Another eye-catching choice are the clip angels. Perched on a metal clip, they readily clasp onto any branch of your tree. The Angels also reveal their charms as individual figurines teamed with a decorative bow and sprig of spruce, or in celestial company on Advent branches of an evergreen, rocking backwards and forwards on crescent moons and riding on comets and comet tails.  Small Marguerite Angels and Angel Musicians on golden clips swell the heavenly hosts.  Take inspiration from the wealth of Wendt & Kühn tree decorations.  Trimming with these stylish decorative accents will transform your Christmas tree or wreath into a very special holiday jewel.

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